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Complete Marketing Manual

Complete Marketing Manual

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With over 400 pages, there is nothing like this comprehensive insurance claims marketing manual. It Includes actual Marketing Game Plans created for contractors by author Peter Crosa.



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Understanding Insurance Companies, Adjusters & Policyholders

Chapter 2: Improve Your Professional Image

Chapter 3: Preferred Vendor Programs vs. Preferred Vendor Lists

Chapter 4: How to Write Estimates for Adjusters

Chapter 5: Estimating Software

Chapter 6: The Ethics of Promo & Entertainment

Chapter 7: What you Need to Know about Agents

Chapter 8: What you Need to Know about Adjusters

Chapter 9: Marketing Your Services to Claims Adjusters

Chapter 10: Marketing Your Services to Agents

Chapter 11: How to Find an Awesome Marketing Directory

Chapter 12: Exhibiting

Chapter 13: Online Social Networking

Chapter 14: Setting Up the Million-Dollar Marketing Game Plan

Chapter 15: The Million-Dollar Marketing Game Plan

Chapter 16: Include Property Owners in Your Marketing Plan

Chapter 17: Collections

Chapter 18: Surety Bonding

Chapter 19: Residential Case Study

Chapter 20: Commercial Case Study

Appendix A: National & State Claim Assoc. & Websites

Appendix B: Insurance Commissioners

Appendix C: Glossary of Insurance Terms

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